Frequently Asked Questions

Please call us at any time if you have questions about AVS or if you are concerned about your pet.

Can I leave personal items?

We request that you do not leave personal items with your pet. These items may be harmless at home but may be unsafe during hospitalization. In addition, we cannot be responsible for any items that are lost.

When can I call about my pet’s status?

We will make every effort to contact you in the morning with an update on your pet’s condition, however if you do not hear from us by 10:00AM, or if you have been instructed by the doctor to call please feel free to do so. If there are any significant changes in your pet’s condition we will call you immediately. Please have only one family member responsible for obtaining the information regarding your pet.

May I visit my pet?

For patients with extended hospitalizations, visitation is limited to 30 minutes if the patient’s condition permits. We ask that you call before visiting to set up an appointment. We are unable to arrange for visitation when our front office is closed.

What time can my pet go home on the day of discharge?

Patients are discharged Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am – 12 pm unless special arrangements have been made. We ask that you set a specific appointment to pick up your pet.

At Affiliated Veterinary Specialists® we strive to provide the best in veterinary care and client relations. By following the steps above, you can help us make that possible.

Pre-operative instructions:

  1. If your pet is taking any Aspirin please discontinue one week prior to the surgical procedure.
  2. Discontinue any anti-inflammatory medications (Etogesic, Rimadyl, and Deramaxx) 24 hours before surgery.
  3. Bring any medications or special diets your pet may be using with you when you drop your pet off for surgery. If you have any questions with regard to any routine medications please contact your regular veterinarian or the doctor you are seeing here at A.V.S.
  4. Your pet may not have a bath for 10-14 days after surgery (until suture removal); therefore you might want to bathe him/her before surgery.
  5. We provide 24-hour care for your pet after surgery, however you will not be able to call us after 6:00 pm Monday to Friday and after 1:00 pm on Saturday. If there is any change in your pet’s condition we will contact you immediately.
  6. Your pet is to have no food after 8 P.M. the evening before surgery, however a little water is o.k.
  7. On the day of surgery please bring your pet in between 8-9 am. At that time you will be given the opportunity to speak with a doctor to discuss the procedure and ask any last minute questions that you may have. You will also sign the surgical consent forms. At this time a deposit of 75% of the surgical fee is required, with the balance due at the time of discharge.
  8. Please Note – The surgery schedule is determined on the day of surgery and is subject to change throughout the day. When your pet’s surgery is completed the doctor will call you.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Care Credit. All checks are electronically processed and the check writer must be present with a driver’€™s license. If the check cannot be electronically processed, we will require another form of payment. If you are paying by Credit Card, Care Credit or Citi Health, the cardholder must be present with their card and a valid ID.