Arthroscopy at AVS

Use of arthroscopy in veterinary surgery has increased dramatically in recent years. The broader interest in the implementation of minimally invasive surgical techniques has fueled advances in veterinary arthroscopy. The versatility afforded by the improved visualization of the joint and tremendous variety in instrumentation allows us to perform manipulations that are not feasible with the open joint, and to perform such procedures with minimal associated morbidity. Arthroscopy can also be used for diagnostic purposes and frequently reveals pathologic processes that were not visible radiographically.

2009033003Our clinical impressions suggest a smoother post-surgical recovery and more rapid return to comfort and function, when compared to open arthrotomies. Arthroscopy is most often performed for shoulder joint ( OCD, biceps tenosynovitis/tendinopathy,and elbow joint (fragmented medial coronoid process and OCD of the humeral condyle). However, arthroscopy, or arthroscopic assisted surgery is also performed in the hip and stifle and, occasionally, the carpus or tarsus.

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