Emergency and Critical Care

Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care is a veterinary specialty you may need if your pet should become injured or suddenly develop an acute, life threatening disease.  A specialist in emergency and critical care is a specially trained veterinarian who is dedicated to treating life-threatening conditions.  Pets who have sustained trauma or bite wounds are examples, but a number of other problems are commonly treated. The following are examples of symptoms routinely seen by a Veterinary Criticalist:

  • Trauma patients, including those hit by cars, bite, or burn injuries
  • Any animal that is having trouble breathing
  • Pets needing a blood transfusion
  • Any patient that is in shock (signs of shock can include weakness, pale mucous membranes in their mouth, cold extremities, and an abnormal heart rate)
  • Pets having trouble urinating, or are not producing urine
  • Dogs and cats who need specialized nutritional support because they are unwilling or unable to eat on their own
  • If an abnormal heart rhythm is causing problems